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‘Deep In The Whispering Woods’ now available for pre-orders – release date 21st June

Deep In The Whispering Woods: An Imagination Journal For Storytellers – written by Holly Staniford, illustrated by Sophie Johnson-Hill.

This book has been lovingly written by Midlands based author and educator, Holly Staniford and is packed full of imaginative hooks and inspiration for young storytellers.

All stories start with a daydream…

Start your child daydreaming with this wonderful storyteller’s
companion. A fabulous accessory to children’s adventures, this journal
is packed full of hooks, inspiration and storytelling prompts to
empower children to tell original stories, sparked by their outdoor
experiences. The pages are sprinkled with ideas and activities to
nurture creativity and the ability to view the world through their
imagination. It will inspire children to get outside and embark on new
adventures. It is a perfect companion to the creation of childhood

The book also includes six wonderful stories written by children, inspired by the title ‘Deep In The Whispering Woods’, which were chosen as competition winners last year.

The book is now available for pre-order for just £7.99 (full price £9.99) So pop over to our books page, to check it out!

About Holly

Holly is a writer, key stage 2 teacher and forest schools leader. She is
the founder of an imagination based forest school called Fish in a Tree
where children are taught through imagination, storytelling and rich
outdoor experiences. For the past ten years she has also provided
creative consultancy to schools, sharing her passion for the impact of
imaginative, outdoor experiences on a child’s writing process.

Writing this book has allowed her to do what she loves best and share
her creative ideas with even more children.

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